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About Us

Saratoga Growth Charts
Personalized Approach

Saratoga Growth Charts is a local family owned and run business in Saratoga Springs, NY. We got our start after my wife asked me to make her a real wood growth chart for a christmas present. She wanted one that could travel with us after we retired to the beach. She loved it! Turns out so did all of our friends and family! Before we knew it I was taking orders and custom making them for everyone we knew!

Saratoga Growth Charts
Excellence and Professionalism 

Here at Saratoga Growth Charts each piece is custom made and hand crafted on real wood. We take great pride in the making of each chart. A piece that will look great on any wall in the home. No more marking the frame of a door . A piece that will stand the test of time, able to go with you wherever you may go.

Saratoga Growth Charts Height
Grow with Us

As parents ourselves of two children, we understand how fast time can seem to go. We know that these moments are priceless! One day bringing home the smallest of creatures to blinking and now they are all grown up. No more marking the frame of a door only to lose it all when you move. We have cherished the memories of each mark that is made while watching our little ones grow, and now so can you! 

 Gift Certificates Available

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