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Welcome to Saratoga Growth Charts

Our Growth Charts are handcrafted & painted on real wood. Children love to see how much they have grown, marking their progress along the way.  Our growth charts make it easy and fun for you to see how fast your little ones are growing.  Completely customizable to say whatever you choose or can also be purchased with no personilization at all. Order yours today and grow with us!

Our Items Include
Custom made, hand painted, wooden growth chart.  10" wide by 72" high, measures up to 6'5", back features hanging hardware, stain of your choice from our selection, and personalization if you choose for a small additional cost. 
We also make custom wood signs!


saratoga growth chart
Saratoga Growth Chart
saratoga growth chart
saratoga growth chart height
saratoga growth chart height
saratoga growth chart height
 High Quality Materials 
Excellent Craftmanship
Completely Customizable

 Gift Certificates Available

Saratoga Growth Charts Height Charts
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